Putting Problems in Perspective

David Schnurman | February 25, 2011

As I mentioned in a previous post I started rewatching Carl Sagan's Cosmos Collection on Neflix on Demand and I am loving it.  They way he puts things in perspective about the vastness of space and the universe is very sobering.

You learn a lot about astronomy as a kid in high school, but as you grow up you stop thinking about the cosmos.  Especially if you work in a major city you cannot even see the stars at night to remind you how much more is out there.  I am sure you have heard this line many times, but there are one billion galaxies and one billion stars in each galaxy. How does this all related to the problem you are facing today?  Well some problems seem so big and stressful it can stop you in your tracks and consume you.  When that happens one thing that is helpful to think about how small that problem is compared to everything else.  I have done this many times and I have gone from being very stressed to energized.

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