Puzzling Pictures

Ambassador Ann | June 12, 2012

Trisha: 1) A couple of weeks ago I had the company split up into four teams. Once the teams were formed we started the game of guessing what the picture is from a really close up picture of it. I called the game mystery picture game but it probably has other names. Basically I took pictures of objects from a far so you knew what the object is and then really close up. Teams had to guess what each item was from the picture. It's pretty interesting to see what people know and guess.

2) Yesterday morning I had the team yet again split up into four teams. Once the teams were set, I explained what they where in for. I decided to take an idea from MTV. Where we had the teams figure out puzzles to move on to the next puzzle. The first puzzle was a math one where all the columns and rows had to equal the same number. Once I checked their answers, they where able to move onto the word search. After I checked the word search , the logical question was up. The logical question was my last question and it definitely took the longest. Nobody could get it in time but it was great seeing everyone work together and coming up with different ways to answer each question.

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