Rain Rain Go Away, We Will Run Another Day!

Ambassador Ann | August 9, 2013

Back in June, FurtherEd crew were to participate in the JP Morgan Race, but it was rained out. So naturally we would be deterred and wait til next year, right? No way!!!  Immediately Micah came to me suggesting we do our own race and that's exactly what we did.


FurtherEd_Race_&_Picnic_(29)a Trish basking in the sun

FurtherEd_Race_&_Picnic_(6)a Mike beats his own personal record!


Our first FurtherEd 5K Race took place on July 26 on a beautiful cool Friday along the Hudson River Greenway. We also had a picnic along the Hudson River so the picnic spot served as the Start & Finish line. Even though the race was 3.2 miles, there was no street sign for the street that marked the turn-around point, so some ran greater distances by accident! Blair did 4.5* miles, Sigalle did 4.22* miles, and Micah ran 3.55* miles so that is considered in final times.

After everyone got back, we all noshed down on apples, sandwiches, and cookies and enjoyed each other company for the rest of the evening. It couldn't have been a more perfect end to the work week. We can't wait until next year!

Remember, every cloud has a silver lining!

  • 1ST PLACE: 23:53.18---RICH
  • 2nd PLACE: 25:19.24---MICAH*
  • 3rd PLACE: 31:15.79---FRANK
  • 4TH PLACE: 32:29.80---JEFF
  • 5th PLACE: 35:31.09---MIKE
  •      6TH PLACE: 39:00.50---MEREDITH
  •      7TH PLACE: 40:00.23---SIGALLE*
  •      8TH PLACE: 45:16.96---DAVE C
  •      9TH PLACE: 49:24.24---BLAIR*

FurtherEd Race & Picnic (18)b Having Laughs At The Start Line
Now That's What You Call Friendly Competition

FurtherEd_Rae_&_Picnic_(27)a Micah Is All Smiles At The Finish Line!

FurtherEd Race & Picnic (22)b Don't Mess With This Crew


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