Reading Someone Loud and Clear (part 2)

Ambassador Ann | August 23, 2013

For the last morning meeting, I decided to revamp an old presentation with a new twist.

The goal of this game was to be presented with a problem and then pick a personality to act out in the situation.

  • In Round 1, Jeff (elite), David (paranoid), & Micah (mellow/organic) were the only one who knew the world was coming to the end. However the opportunity to rule the world has been presented to them. They had to convince everyone why they must choose them to be leader.  Being very level-headed, the job went to Micah.
  • In Round 2, Mike (childlike) & Ryan(dashing) were visiting an Hawaiian volcanic island. The helicopter broke down & lava was spewing everywhere. Ryan turned into Mighty Mouse trying to reassure Mike who just hysterically freaked out.
  • Lastly, Round 3 was a legal case. Superhero Dave (brainy) had a battle with a villain who died. Their fight destroyed one side of a building and the owner Rich (giddy) demands payment. The mediator Sigalle (jumpy) was brought in to have both sides come to an agreement. Dave presented a well-explained scientific explanation of why destroying the building was the best option. Rich just couldn't stay mad.

The Result: a fun & convincing improv session! There might a be a career change because every "actor" did a wonderful job.  People were showing a side that usually not shown and it was well received by applause.

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