ROB: June's Winner of the “Taking Time to Help Others”

Ambassador Ann | July 19, 2012

Rob’s position title might as well be the “in-house master of everything he’s ever been asked to complete by anyone who needs some help with something that he may or may not have a specialty in but becomes the specialist of moving forward from now on after perfect execution.”

In addition to all the work he does in maintaining and growing’s accreditation in numerous verticals, Rob has also been the go-to for spontaneous duties such as computer troubleshooting, painting, and moderating rebroadcasts.  Rob Joyce helps everyone complete their jobs, while executing his to perfection.

During a recent shift of offices, Rob volunteered to spend the better part of his morning helping Sean and Stephanie dissemble, move, and reassemble their hardware.

Need a reboot of your computer but are afraid of what may happen if you try to do it yourself?  Rob is the answer to your nightmare.

Since starting as an intern in January 2011, and after coming on full time in March 2012, no one in the office has ever heard Rob say the word no.

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