RYAN: August's Winner of the “Taking Time To Help Others"

Ambassador Ann | October 10, 2012

As our summer internship program came to a close in mid-August a gap was left to be filled in the Content Development Department.

The search for help was rather short as Ryan from Customer Support has been great in assisting Content with numerous tasks.  The tasks Ryan has helped with serve specifically in assisting customers during the live webcasts by moderating programs. When Ryan was asked to assist he jumped at the opportunity without hesitation.

In addition to moderating programs, Ryan has handled all course comments from customers which are related to customer support.  This involves a tremendous amount of attention to detail and alleviates any worries of a customer inquiry being forgotten.

Ryan was a recent recipient of a Core Value Award with Sigalle, Driven to Find a Better Way, and they recently attended a Mets’ game at Citi Field!

Previous Months' CV Awards - Taking Time To Help Others

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