September Spotlight: TT - EXUDING OPTIMISM

Lawline Staff | September 14, 2011

Is Michael Solerwitz’, also known as “Training Training (or TT for short), ever not glowing? Answer: No, he glows bright with optimism always.

Michael is a consistent positive force in the Sales crew. Every morning, rain or shine, he comes in with his shades and smile on his face. That superstar attitude of his is contagious. He constantly how you are. Or maybe more accurately “How you doin’?”

Take a stroll past by the sales room and you will clearly hear his voice on the phone as you walk by: his positivity and excitement is delivered to every potential customer he speaks with. With hundreds of calls going out daily Mike has hundreds of positive conversations and enthusiastic representations of the company daily.

Sales can be a tough game sometimes, but Mike doesn’t get down and always keeps his upbeat spirit, always excited and positive, looking toward that next sale. Anyone recall the Pickle incident? Right after an insightful video from Chris relating pickles and customer service (it made sense), he stormed into the morning huddle, heard the word pickles, and concluded the meeting with “PICKLES ON THREE! ONE, TWO, THREE… PICKLES!”

Start your day off with a bit of TT, and you’ll be in good position to make it a great day.

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