Show and Learn

Ambassador Ann | December 19, 2011

Last Friday, I had everyone either teach or learn a talent.

I split everyone into four groups and go to different rooms. The goal was to have each group find out who would be a leader to teach the rest a talent they had. It was quite interesting see how well everyone learned.

Sal is beyond awesome in beatboxing. You have to hear this guy! In Team 1, he had a band of harmonizing beatboxers.
In Team 2, Frank and Cha Cha Dance Unit were quite awesome. Everyone was more than impressed with those steps.
Team 3 had two members who didn't know how to whistle but they were carrying a Christmas tune very well! Jeff F. did a good job.
In Team 4, Jeff R. taught his group how to do the perfect pitch. Mike R. was able to demonstrate himself what he learned to everyone.

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