72 Hours To Start A Business...Easy!

Ambassador Ann | June 12, 2012

Nancy: We're doing really great and fantastic things at Lawline. We're creating a new website, we're seeing new faces around the office....We're just altogether getting off to a really great chapter. I originally had another morning presentation prepared, but I saw this video about SXSW and I just thought, "Wow, this is totally like what we're doing here. They're innovating new things and inspiring new creations and...well, gee, isn't that just like what we do here."

The essence of this video is a great idea called a Startup Bus. SXSW sponsored a bus, filled with strangers, and they get a 72 hour bus ride to SXSW. On the bus ride, the strangers -- more or less entrepreneurs -- pitch ideas at one another. People who share a similar vision group off and get started on working up a mobile app. The goal is to get a working mobile app and marketing pitch up and running and live by the time they hit SXSW. Once they arrive at SXSW, the groups are allowed a few hours to finalize their product, finalize their pitches, and then present it to a panel of judges. The group that wins gets the funding for their app and a chance to start their own company.

Which is a lot like what we're doing here. A bunch of motivated people, working towards a common goal, to create a bigger and better product or item to help the rest of the world. A lot can be accomplished in 72 hours. But that's not the point. Because nothing can be accomplished without people who share a common vision that are driven to find a better way.

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