Taking Time to Help Others: Micah the "No Problem" Employee

June 3, 2015

IMG_0491One of Lawline's most important Core Values is "Taking Time to Help Others", the "T" in "AS TED". Lawline's Chief Video Producer Micah Bochart is the embodiment of this core value and it shows in how he treats his fellow Lawline team members, our faculty, our customers and all of our partners. This was made clear at a May 18th  Entrepreneurs' Organization ("EO") event featuring "Performance Optimizer" Dethra Giles who was asked to speak on the topic "Aligning Your Culture to Profits."

This event was attended by Lawline CEO David Schnurman, COO Kevin Kelly, and Director of HR & Legal Michele Richman and much to their surprise, Dethra opened her presentation by sharing that every employer should "try to create the Micah Bochart's of the World" in order to boost a company's revenue. Through a mutual connection, Micah was asked to assist Dethra in filming some videos of her interviewing entrepreneurs on their techniques in fostering company culture.

Even though all of this work was in addition to Micah's commitment to filming and editing Lawline's growing library of legal content, he said "No Problem." When Dethra asked him to make her edited copies of her interviews, he said "No Problem." On the day of the Presentation, Dethra called in a panic because her hard drive had crashed, and Micah said "No Problem" and proceeded to upload all of her interviews to a youtube channel that she could access from anywhere. As a result, Dethra noted when she is referring a colleague to a continuing legal education company, the first place she will send them to is the "No Problem" company.


Author Bio

Written by Michele Richman

As Lawline's VP of Business Operations, Michele helps Lawline recruit and retain A players, and works to create an engaging, vibrant, collaborative work environment for Lawliners and the other like minded companies who share its open tech work space. Michele recently completed her first triathlon with Team Triumph, a women's only tri-group and looks forward to her next competition.


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