That's How the Story Goes...

Ambassador Ann | November 30, 2011

During yesterday's morning meeting, Sasha had everyone played the story game, an activity meant to wake everyone up with a few laughs and get their creative juices flowing so that everyone would be ready to seek creative solutions and find a better way throughout their day. To start, we broke up into four groups of five, and on a sheet of paper each person wrote down a sentence on their piece of paper every thirty seconds. When Sasha called "time," everyone would pass their piece of paper to the person on their left and that person would write a new sentence. This would happen five times so that a short story was written .

The more abstract goal of this activity was to show how team members can play off of each other’s thoughts and ideas, and turn tiny inklings of ideas into something new and interesting. In one situation, a team's story took a fairly predictable path but in other story, it took crazy twists and turns and became something totally different and unique. Always remember that a little seedling of an idea can go a long way when when its manipulated and altered through collaboration and teamwork.

Here are a few stories some wrote:

This pen is so cool.
It makes me tickle inside.
Elmo tickles inside.
Elmo is an amazing person once you get to know him.
I only wish he would be my best friend.

Christmas is my favorite day of the year.
Because when I was young my mother would make macaroons!
They were amazing.
I hope we have a white Christmas.
but I was a bad kid so no cookies for me.

The power of postive thinking will rule the world.
But in order to rule the world we must unite!
or we can just get rid of everyone else.
Eitherway we are not stopping until we win.
I love basketball.

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