The Scribble Game

Ambassador Ann | November 7, 2011

This Monday morning, Michele revealed the kid in all of us!'s employees closed their eyes and used their crayons and construction paper to create their 30 second masterpieces, they then passed their pictures to their colleagues to the left of them who had 30 seconds to add to the art work. The second part of the exercise was repeated three times. Most participants were very pleased with the additions their colleagues made to their work.

We learned something very important this morning during the Scribble Game. We are all just kids at heart - at least artistically! Like children, our pictures included many common themes of rainbows, snowmen, sunny days, kids on slides, a refrigerator and even a guy who looks like Osama Bin Laden. In addition to exhibiting our communal artistic chops, The Scribble Game teaches us the benefits to trusting your initial instincts and ideas as your best, and to learning how to develop your projects with the assistance and contributions of your fellow team members.

Thanks everyone!

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