The Success Princples: How to Get From Where You are to Where You Want to Be

David Schnurman | September 9, 2011

In yesterday's Huddle I was happy to hand out a copy of "The Success Princples: How to Get From Where You are to Where You Want to Be" to everyone in the company.  I first listened to the principles on Audible and was so motivated by them I purchased the book on the Kindle.  However, this is the type of book that its good to have a hard copy so you can write in the margins and keep around your apartment.

During the meeting I presented two examples from the book to give a taste of what is inside.

  1. It is easier to be 100% committed to something than 99%. -- There was a 75 year old man who ran 8 miles a day. Only on a full moon he would eat ice cream. His birthday fell on a new moon and his family dressed as a full moon to try to convince him to eat the ice cream cake. He politely declined and said if he cheats a little now it will be that much easier to cheat again.
  2. It is important to always keep your agreements and commitments. If you do you will be relied on more by others as well as have a stronger belief in yourself.  Particularly in a company setting this is very important to other members of your team.  Four ways to keep your agreements are 1) Make less commitments, 2) Say no more, 3) Write down every commitment you make, 4) Renegotiate commitments you cant keep.

I am looking forward to getting everyone's feedback as they navigate the many principles in the book.  Just a hint the first 5 are some of the most important so you will get hooked early.

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