Those Smart Dingbats

Ambassador Ann | March 19, 2012

Two heads are better than one so many together would solve quicker, right? Last Friday, I put that theory to the test with some brain teasers called Dingbats.

Dingbat puzzles, not to be confused with a type of font, are word puzzles that represent a phrase or saying.  These puzzle promote lateral thinking. After being divided into two, Team Blue and Team Green took turns picking a slip out of a bag and had 45 seconds to solve the puzzle. Some were very easy and others had both groups scratching their heads. Eventually the game became a tie so a sudden death match round took place. Team Blue scored the win with Joe's math expertise.

See if you're able to solve these:

  • 10001000
  • our death match question: GR304.8mmAVE

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