TODD: October's Winner of "Driven To Find A Better Way"

Ambassador Ann | November 19, 2012

Needless to say, Todd earned a nomination across the board.  He worked tirelessly all weekend to implement not one, but two forms of backup in case Sandy decided to unleash on Virginia.  He put in what must have been a million man hours, seemingly impossible in just one weekend, and was certainly actively learning along the way.  So pick any category, he has ‘em all covered.  We all had our fair share of issues during Frankenstorm, but Todd was nice enough to open his mother’s home to Casey, Frank and Stephanie.  This, in turn, formally created what they would like to call the FurtherEd New Jersey Offices.

Not only were they able to reconnect with FurtherEd and take care of their responsibilities with working internet, but the humble guests had the joy of being in a house with heat AND power which they had neither of at their homes.  We were also able to continue the tradition of Chipotle Friday, which made Stephanie very happy!  Thanks Todd!

Previous Months’ CV Awards – Driven To Find A Better Way

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