Top 10 things Lawline does to provide excellent customer service

Lawline Staff | July 29, 2015

It is no secret that customer service is essential in any business. It is the key element to building a great relationship with customers and in fostering growth in a business. At Lawline providing excellent customer service is not merely about understanding the intricacies of Adobe Flash Player or how to refresh on both a Mac and PC (Command R or F5). At Lawline providing excellent customer service is a perfect combination of these 10 things:

AL_-_lightbulbActively Learning
For the customer service team we are always finding ways to learn more about our products, our customers and the best ways to service them. We are always looking for ways to improve by seeking feedback and taking responsibility to learn how customers use our site and products.

Wealth of knowledge about products
At Lawline knowing the details about our products is essential to our success. We have to be able to provide products that fit our customer’s needs. No one at Lawline knows more about our product than Ryan. The resident guru of sorts, Ryan knows our course catalogue and state requirements inside and out. He is always ready with a suggestion for a course, bundle or subscription for our customers.

SCS_PencilSeeking Creative Solutions
In the world of online CLE creative problem solving is a daily occurrence. Sometimes the obvious answer is not always the best answer in figuring out how to best service our customers. Creative solutions and remedies are how we recognize opportunities to improve our service and solve issues for our customers.

Refusal of scripts
At Lawline we take a “human” approach to customer service one that centers on not using predetermined text to provide solutions. It is one of the ways we provide better service and treat our customers issues with respect.

EO_Thumbs_UpExuding optimism
Everyone at Lawline can tell you how nice and optimistic Stephanie is. Although our customers might not see it, they can tell she is always smiling! Stephanie exudes optimism in every interaction with customers and is always determined to ensure that their interaction with her ends in a smile.

By refusing scripts it is only natural that we focus more on listening. The focus in customer service here at Lawline is not just to listen to reply, but to listen to understand and provide a solution. Alison, one of our customer service team members, exemplifies this attribute by asking questions and providing our customers with solutions to any situation.

Resolving the issue
Even through listening and seeking creative solutions there are times in customer service when we truly cannot fix an issue. However this does not mean we do not provide a resolution for our customers. In every interaction with our customers we seek a resolution that is amicable for both parties.

DFBW_ChartDriven to find a better way
In customer service we are always assessing our processes and the ways we interact and provide service to our customers. We are always seeking out ways to improve the methods we use every day.

I don’t know …but I will find out!
It might seem odd to include the phrase “I don’t know” in a post about great customer service. In admitting this we are able to be forthright with our customers acknowledge our shortcomings, improve our services and as soon as possible provide a solution. Our team despite our wealth of knowledge, listening skills, active learning and exuding optimism does not know everything. Yet I can guarantee you that if we do not know the answer to something, we do our very best to find out the answer.

Team work
It not only makes the dream work but is the linchpin of our customer service. Through impromptu discussions and weekly meetings our team of customer experience specialist rely on each other to brainstorm creative solutions, improve our services and most importantly for synergy.


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