What Would Professor Layton Do?

Ambassador Ann | January 11, 2013

Solve puzzles of course!! Besides loving the typical action games, I also love the Professor Layton series on the Nintendo DS. The games are all about seeking creative solutions for hundreds and hundreds of puzzles.
Yesterday morning, I shared this love of puzzles with my co-workers in a competitive relay race. Team 1 and Team 3 were against Team 2 and Team 4.
There were three puzzles to solve. Team 1 and Team 2 would try the solve the same puzzle faster than each other so that their corresponding team would receive the next puzzle to do it faster than their competitors. Last, it would come back to Team 1 and 2 to solve the last third puzzle.
It was definitely a brain teaser but that didn't slow them down on bit. It was sooo close at the end but Team 2 and 4 got the win in the nick of time.

Try to Solve the Following Puzzles:

1) When you weren't looking, someone came by and gobbled up your fish dinner. The three brothers near the scene of this dastardly crime had this to say:

  • A: "Me? Oh yeah, I ate it. It was good too!"
  • B: "I saw A eat that fish right up!"
  • C: "B and I didn't eat that fish."

One of these three brothers is lying to you, but which one is it?


2) Somebody ate the butcher's sausages! Here's what these four boys have to say:

  • A: "B ate the sausages!"
  • B: "D ate them all up!"
  • C: "I didn't eat them, no way!"
  • D: "B's totally lying!"

Only one of these rascals is telling the truth and all the others are, needless to say, lying. Can you figure out who ate the sausage? Bonus question: Who is telling the truth?


3) Johnny and Thomas are each carrying some apples. If Johnny gave Thomas one apple, the two men would each have the same number of apples. Conversely, if Thomas gave Johnny two apples, Johnny would have three times the number of apples that Thomas would have. So, just how many apples is each of the men holding?


ANSWERS: 1) C  2) C bonus:D  3) Johnny:seven & Thomas: five
Also, if you couldn't tell, I love food as well!

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