When life gives you lemons...

Ambassador Ann | November 28, 2011

For today's morning presentation, Mike gave us anxiety-causing situations to deal with.

He played a quick game with everyone regarding the core values. We were split up into 2 groups. Everyone was given a situation and had to work with their team to elaborate on the situation to say how it could potentially be negative. Then, each team will use one of the core values to turn the situation in the positive.

We had  30 seconds to come up with the potentially negative situation and how the core value would provide a solution.
Example: Stuck on the train
potentially negative: You're cramped up with a bunch of people and it's extremely uncomfortable.
Core value: Actively learning. You use the opportunity to make a little small talk with the professional you're squished against, and learn they're an attorney who's CLE deadline is in 6 days and they haven't completed it.

  1. Traveling home for the holidays.
  2. You can't find your wallet.
  3. You hear that a friend has said something mean about you.
  4. You're sick and have to miss an important appointment.
  5. You're moving into a new apartment.

There were a lot of great solutions such as finding another faster route during traffic and having friends help you move when you don't have movers.
The point of this was to highlight how any situation can be turned into a positive. Like it says in The Success Principles book, how we react to situations determines if they are good or bad. Our core values can be used in any potentially negative situation to turn it into a positive.

When you get lemons, you should not only make lemonades but also soft drinks, marinades, Pine-Sol, etc. Have fun while doing it!

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