Employee Spotlight: Jocelyn Strauber & Elliot Levine



Lawline has recently hired two talented individuals to join our growing team; Jocelyn Strauber as our Director of Marketing and Elliot Levine as a Sales Executive.

Jocelyn was raised in Manhattan, NY where she currently resides. She majored in English literature in college and was always drawn to publishing which led her into subscription marketing. Prior to Lawline, Jocelyn worked at ESPN. Jocelyn enjoys live sporting events such as basketball and tennis as well as live music and trying new restaurants.  

Elliot was born and raised in Kansas City where he graduated from University of Kansas. Elliot is passionate about building relationships and helping others solve any issues. In his free time he enjoys working out, playing drums, being around friends and family, traveling, reading, cooking and rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Checkout what they had to say about their time at Lawline so far!

How was the interview process for you?

Elliot: The interview process was very thought-out. From the initial recruiter call to being hired, I think I had 5 different interviews, which made me extremely confident because I knew they cared about the right culture fit before making a new hire. I do remember there being some tough "thinker" questions in one of the interviews, and they weren't the standard interview questions you usually hear. Lastly, they spoke to my references which was more proof that they care about culture fit. 

Jocelyn: The interview process was a positive experience for me. It was clear that there was a focus not only on what I could accomplish, but who I was as a person and if I would fit into the company’s core values.


Before onboarding, what did you imagine Lawline would be like?

Elliot: I imagined it to be pretty similar to what it is now! A small tight knit group where collaboration is key. The great thing is since it's a small company, you are in constant contact with the leadership and your ideas are always heard and taken into consideration. A lot of passion around our platform too.

Jocelyn: I think the interview process gave me a pretty good idea of what Lawline would be like.  It was clear to me this was a friendly, inclusive company where I would easily feel at home.  


What was your first day like being remote? Was it like what you thought it would be?

Elliot: My first day was great. It was better than I thought it would be. I had zoom meetings most of the day; some were live and some were pre-recorded, but they were all orderly and planned out. I was able to meet a lot of my coworkers and learn about the company and different functions. It definitely was relaxing and personal.

Jocelyn: Going into my first day I was not sure what to expect, because I have never started a job remotely before.  I was relieved by how well planned out and organized the on-boarding process was.  It was great that there was time set aside to meet people in different groups and to learn about different facets of the business.  


What would you say is your biggest GROW moment so far?

Elliot: My biggest grow moment has been that I really started my full  job function less than a month in. I started to do a lot of prospecting, role-plays, a lot of emailing, calling and ran a few meetings. I had to really manage my time and be extremely organized. It took a while to get used to all of the new internal systems but I now feel comfortable with it all. I have also started to take initiative on a few different prospecting items.

Jocelyn: I have constant grow moments. There is not a day that goes by that I don't learn something new about an aspect of the business or about one of the people I work with. I hope that if you ask me this question again in five years that my answer is exactly the same.



Do you have a favorite PLAY occasion? 

Elliot: I was able to go to NYC for a company event and had an absolute blast meeting everyone in person for the first time. I miss it already.

Jocelyn: The in person event was my favorite. I enjoyed getting to meet everyone in person after seeing them on zoom for over a month.

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