Employee Spotlight: Alberto Mayanga

Alberto Mayanga | April 27, 2018

Our Development team was recently joined by Alberto Mayanga. Here are Alberto's thoughts on starting at Lawline:

1) How was the interview process for you?

Career_FairMy interview process was unusual compared to most. I graduated from Flatiron School in late January, and was asked by their career services team if I wanted to attend their next career fair. I immediately said yes, and then filled out a survey that served to match me with companies that would be a good fit. I was matched with four companies, with Lawline being my very first interview post graduation. A week after the first interview, Kathleen reached out to me to complete a coding challenge within 24 hours. I was then called in for a second interview where I was able to show Rich, James, and Oi all of the projects that I’ve worked on, and also got a glimpse of what Lawline’s culture was like. At this point I was convinced that this is where I wanted to work. I fell in love with the culture, and emphasis on learning new technologies! For the third and final interview, I met with David, our CEO, and other members of the office to connect on a more personal level.

2) Before stepping foot into the office, how did you imagine Lawline would be?

My ignorance got the best of me. I imagined Lawline to be a very “corporate” type of office where everyone was in a rush and hardly spoke to one another. I couldn’t be any more wrong. Everyone has been super friendly and laid back.

BEC_Bagel-13) What was your first day like? Was it like you thought it would be?

My first day was amazing! I was welcomed by Ann and Kathleen with breakfast, and then went over what my schedule would be like for the rest of the week. I immediately felt like I was a part of the team with everyone’s friendliness and willingness to tech me about their departments.

4) What would you say is your GROW moment?

I would say that my first GROW moment happened a few days into the job. I made my first contribution to the Dev team, and had it deployed to our live website. I’d say it was a GROW moment both professionally and personally, as I’ve always dreamt of being a professional developer.

Diversity & Inclusion

5) Do you have a favorite PLAY occasion?

My favorite PLAY moment so far has been the Book Club discussion. Unfortunately, I hadn’t read the book for that quarter on Diversity & Inclusion, but it was interesting hearing everyone’s opinions. I am looking forward to the next PLAY event!

Welcome to the team, Alberto!

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