Principles of Thought Management

  • What we focus on grows.
  • Our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs form our expectations, and our expectations drive the results that we get.
  • The way we feel is an indicator of the direction of our thoughts. When we feel anything negative, i.e. bad, sad, mad, etc., our thoughts are pointed away from what we want. The way we feel is our GPS and provides a guide for us about whether or not we are headed the right way.
  • I am responsible for the way I feel. There are many times when I use others as my excuse for feeling miserable. I am aware that I am doing this when I feel miserable and blame someone else. The same thing applies to circumstances; circumstances do not dictate the way I feel. The way I perceive circumstances dictates the way I feel. The way I perceive circumstances is my choice.
  • There are many things that we cannot control. We cannot control the weather, the economy, politics, our employees, our life partners, or even our children for that matter. There are two things we can control: the way we feel and the way we think. Our job is to take responsibility for those two things.
  • When we feel bad about someone, we are focusing on the things we don’t want to see about them. Whatever we focus on grows. If we want to feel better about someone, then our job is to focus on and imagine the things we do want to see and begin collecting evidence of those things.
  • We are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are separate from us. As such, we can choose the thoughts that dominate our attention. We can also trade up to better thoughts, one thought at a time.

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