Mike wants to be like Mike.

Ambassador Ann | November 8, 2011

In today's AM Huddle, Mike showed that a person shouldn't blamed others if they can't reach their goals.

Mike F: "I chose this clip because I have always been a long time fan of Michael Jordan. Besides the fact that he is considered by most to be the best basketball player of all time, his work ethic is something to be admired. His drive and determination is legendary. There has never been a basketball player that wanted to be the greatest as badly as he did. I think the video is a great representation of his ideals and how one has to work hard to achieve his goals. There are visual references throughout the video that lead from his childhood all the way to his post-playing career. The overall message in the video though is that he got to where he is with extreme dedication and drive and not just god given talent. This video inspires me to be better. It makes me feel like I have control of my own destiny and the more amount of effort I put in the more I will achieve."

Lawline does not promote or support Nike. Although, Mike F. does own 6 pairs. :)

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