Trip Down Memory Lane: Part Deux

Ambassador Ann | August 10, 2012

Avid Culture Blog Readers,

Here's the second recap of presentations done since Mid-June.

The morning huddles are more than just meetings; it is our morning coffee before our real morning coffee. There are where our minds wake up and get set for the day. We get to experience more than one of our core values every single morning and that in itself is truly a wonderful privilege.

Enjoy reminiscing. :)

  1. If Lawline Was A Dance Crew…
  2. Is it Large? Object? Place?
  3. Born To Fly
  4. Perception Creates Reality
  5. How Much Do You Know About the Revolutionary War?
  6. Underground Secret
  7. Happiness Is A Moral Obligation
  8. I Bet You Can
  9. Hello, My Name Is ____
  10. The Cookie Story
  11. Open Wide and Don’t Say ‘Ah’
  12. Second Chances
  13. 30-Day Habit
  14. Je suis! Je chante! Je fais!
  15. In The Eyes Of The Beholders
  16. Can You See What You Hear?
  17. Interdepartmental Pop Quiz!

For the previous recap, click here.

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