As Bad As Breathing

Ambassador Ann | April 10, 2012

Michael B : This morning, I chose to share this video with everyone because I believe it fits in perfectly with our core value, Driven To Find A Better Way.

Success is a mindset as much as it is a goal. Everyone "wants" to be successful but it is the people who put their mind to something so intensely that they forget about everything else including eating and sleeping. My favorite line of this story is the part where the speaker says "that if I fall asleep I might miss the chance to be successful". To be successful we must seize the opportunities that we have at work, at home and everywhere else and give yourself the mindset that success is your only option. We should treat each day as the most important day of our lives and tell ourselves that I am going to make today better than yesterday.

This video is perfect for the sales team at because you have to think of every phone call as a chance to be successful. If it is your first call of the day or your 150th call of the day, each phone call is essential to the success of the sales team and the success of

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