August Core Values - Kyle Robinson - DRIVE

Lawline Staff | August 19, 2011

Kyle has a strong passionate drive to find the most logical approach to turn every potential problem into an opportunity. He has a unique ability never to dwell on the downside of a challenge, he laughs good heartedly at any problem and rolls up his sleeves to solve it. His drive is evident in every program he books as he constantly manages to make every program top notch; handling rescheduling, calling new faculty, and efficiently producing the best content for our site.

A fantastic example, though certainly only one of many, is his recent interview with a phenomenal presenter who was a bit camera shy her first time in the studio. Kyle took the initiative to prepare and facilitate a new program where he would interview the faculty member. Kyle took charge to direct the program and engage the lecturer on her presentation. The course was a tremendous success and the interview format was flawless. The presenter was put at ease and the conversation flowed naturally from one section to the next. The spirited participation, and Kyle’s intense ability to approach any challenge with a smile on his face, a joke in his heart and a critical eye certainly make him a valuable team member that would not be the same without.

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