August Core Values - Michael Kim - ACTIVELY LEARNING

Lawline Staff | August 19, 2011

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Recently Michael Kim set out on vacation to celebrate a good friend’s bachelor’s party in Las Vegas. Normally, when taking a vacation, especially to Vegas, it is rare to find someone willing to work for the company. Not MK. Instead of hitting the slots, Michael hopped into a van and headed over to Zappos’ headquarters to find out how to better integrate our Core Values into our company culture.

During his visit, Michael was able to interact with different employees to see how Zappos built a company around the culture.  Making sure that everyone from Lawline would be able to gain from his amazing experience, Michael made for us a MK Slice Production original. The video showed his journey from the plane flight over, to interviews with his car driver, and finally the tour of the headquarters.

There was not one point in the video where a smile was missed. Michael brought with him questions asked from people in the Lawline office to see how exactly each employee feels about their every day experiences at Zappos. The common theme was that everyone loved coming to work and enjoyed being part of a company built on culture.

Michael started his presentation by asking around the room where people would buy their shoes? Most said in a store nearby. After the presentation, we were all able to see how creating a culture in a company can turn a big box industry into an online enterprise “Delivering WOW Through Service.”

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