Core Values Spotlight: Jeff is Driven to Find a Better Way

Being driven to find a better way requires constant attention and an analytically creative mind to see big changes that will have big effects. It requires searching for changes that seem large at first, but as they continue to develop the benefits become clear and the new way becomes the new standard. During his early morning runs and even while he sleeps at night, Jeff Reekers is always thinking about finding a better way for Lawline to execute its goals - no one cares more passionately and pitches in more urgently than when Jeff sees a need.

Jeff constantly thinks about the things we do on a daily basis with the idea that there’s always a faster, more efficient and better way to accomplish a task. An exemplifying initiative is when Jeff implemented automated email alerts to users whose accounts were expiring. These emails, after set up, have no further cost to the company in time or money and provide an easy and convenient way to let customers know their access is expiring, and urges them to renew.

This kind of idea is common for Jeff, and his ideas continue to make huge impacts in company growth on a daily basis.

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