CREATIVITY Core Value Feature: Todd McBrearty

Lawline Staff | June 10, 2011

The beauty of web development is the ability to create something out of nothing. Literally, a talented web developer sees few limits on possibility, and this is what draws Todd McBrearty to the profession.

In addition to heading up the mobile CLE project earlier in the year, making Lawline into the only CLE provider with streaming video, he has consistently found solutions to common problems and improved the website’s user-friendliness. The CLE Tracker, for example, ranked as one of the top causes of confusion amongst Lawline Customers. Since its release. the CLE Tracker 2.0 has eliminated the product’s problematic issues and substantially reduced customer problems.

Over the past month, Todd has also taken initiative in creating the “Verification Code Lookup” (a Customer Service favorite!), integrating a new email service for registration and server emails, and implementing a new Live Chat widget at the base of the Lawline homepage, increasing the potential for contact and conversion from prospective customers.

It is exciting every day to see what new ideas Todd makes comes to life seemingly “out of nothing!”

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