Documentaries on Netflix: Food Matters

David Schnurman | February 23, 2011

First let me say that I love Netflix because it has put scores of documentaries at my fingertips.  It is empowering to watch these movies and learn something new which is usually from a different perspective of mass society.   I am not the only one who feels this way as blogs are posting everywhere about the best documentaries to watch on Netflix. See The 75 Must Watch Documentaries on Netflix.

Most recently, I watch the documentary Food Matters and found it to energize my thoughts on what I eat on a regular basis.  One commenter summed up my thoughts best on his review posted on Netflix

This show documents the American medical establishment's bias against nutritional therapy. It's well produced. It contains no product or service promotional material. More importantly, it was intelligent discussion. While I can't vouch for the probity of the statements made in this documentary, if a fraction of them are true, then it's something you can't afford to miss.

At the end of the day most documentaries make strong assertions that are one sided to prove their point.  While this opens up holes and leads to opponents calling the movie propaganda (ie. all of Michael Moor's films) this does not mean it dose not have a lot of truth.  To me the goal of documentaries is to open up a new dialogue and get you thinking about a different point of view and this is exactly what Food Matters did for me.  Below is a link to action steps to help detox your body as suggested in the movie, as well as a video blog of this post.

Detox & Weight Loss Action Plan

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