February Spotlight: Michele & Rob – DRIVE

Ambassador Ann | March 14, 2012

Michele and Rob worked together to provide quality assurance to over 1000 courses. With a mixture of elements thrown, early in the year it became clear to assure the accuracy of quality of all our course offerings, the only fullproof method was for the team to roll-up their sleeves.

Each of them were relatively new to the accreditation department, and also were learning as they went. Extensive phone calls, a few late nights, and perhaps an extra red bull or two later, and they produced an entirely revamped, organized, and methodical accreditation system. Our filing system, both electronic and hard-copy, along with and an entirely new system of documentation were all carried out.

Both Michele and Rob showed tremendous leadership in seeing a problem, rolling up their sleeves and taking it straight on, and then following through with a new system to enhance the entire department.

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