Gene ≠ Destiny

Ambassador Ann | February 23, 2012

This Thursday morning, we were shown how we ourselves can define physical outcomes.

Sal: When thinking about taking 100 % responsibility for your life and getting what you want, I often think of how we have no control over a certain natural limitation: our genes. This morning I shared a video that shows we can affect our genes by our lifestyle. There is sense of a healthy lifestyle throughout our culture.
Several employees participated in a marathon recently, and even a triathlon! The healthy snacks found in the idea room is another marker showing how the health and happiness of the employees are crucial to the Lawline success. I shared this video with the rest of the company because it shows how far our actions can affect change in our lives. This speaks to our values by freeing us from the idea of being limited.
We can strive for our best by actively learning, seeking creative solutions, taking time to help others, exuding optimism, and being driven to find a better way.

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