Hello, My Name Is ____

Ambassador Ann | July 16, 2012

Today, Julie had everyone find a random person in the room to talk to and talk about anything they wanted to for 15 seconds. They could introduce themselves, talk about what they did over the weekend, or an interesting fact about themselves.

Julie: I had them do this for 2 minutes, then I chose 5 volunteers to talk about their most memorable experience. This experience could have been a bad or good one, or it could have been memorable on what they said or how they acted. There was a range of answers from Ryan saying he remembered Frank the most because of his approach and he came across rude and enthusiastic  or Micah remembered Nancy didn't like Mario or Luigi. We also heard answers of fun things people did this weekend, like Ann went to a beer festival.

The whole point in this exercise is that you make your first impression upon people within the first 15 seconds of speaking to them. We are constantly meeting new people and running into people on the streets or in the subway. You never know who this person is or how they could eventually help you out in your personal life or in your professional career. So it is always important to be conscious of how you talk to people, how you approach them and what you say.

You want people to remember your name!

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