Here We Go Again!

David Schnurman | February 7, 2012

I just came back from running around the park. The highlight was running up the big hill, there was this guy who past me a while before and I saw him way ahead of me. I put it in full gear up the hill to pass him. When I got close he clearly heard me coming and I felt him speeding up. At the top of the hill I was in a dead sprint. I said to myself if I beat him past the light on the top of the hill I can do the 50K run (32 miles) that Kyle signed me up for on 4/29. So finally we were neck and neck and we past the light.  To be honest it was that close.  Almost like that on purpose so I do not leave my decision up to winning an imaginary race but up to what I want to do.

All I know is I felt better then anything in my life when training for the marathon. You feel like a machine, an athlete. You feel healthy and you have energy.  Obviously the challenge is this is 6 miles more then the marathon and I could barely finish the marathon.  Can I train to run 6 more miles in just 12 weeks? Certainly the fact that I am coming off of a marathon less then 3 months ago will help me in getting to the next level.  Anyway, what I do know, I want to start training again..... so here we go!!!

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