If Lawline Was A Dance Crew...

Ambassador Ann | June 21, 2012

Sigalle: One of the things I treasure most about working at Lawline is the feeling of absolute confidence in each of my fellow colleagues.  There exists this certainty that I am among a group of professionals that possess the intelligence, foresight and talent that equals or exceeds my own. This translates into a collaborative ensemble that consistently strives to be better, is ever supportive and never loses confidence or a smile amidst adversity.  This is why I chose to show Lawline the story and talent of Team Illuminate.  Although my only way of describing Lawline to you is in the form of prose, I left it to Team Illuminate to provide that feeling in a more entertaining medium.  Their collaboration, love for their unique product and drive truly reflects what we do here everyday.  Thus, if Lawline was a dance crew...

Click On The Following Pictures To View the Awesome Routines Of Team Illuminate:

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