Interview Strategies Takeaways

Lawline Staff | February 23, 2011

In a job interview, the interviewer has approximately 30 minutes to assess a candidates match for the position, both in terms of skill set and culture fit. In that short amount of time, how do you accurately assess whether the fit is right for both you and the candidate?

On Tuesday, a group of us met with Jamie Klein of Inspire Human Resources, who led us through an excellent half-day seminar of interview skill training. Though there are many great insights to list, I am sure we each have certain key takeaways from the seminar we will actively apply in our upcoming experiences.

My takeaway? There is something to learn from every interaction. Whether you are the interviewer or the interviewee, the interaction in itself is invaluable. We will all experience times when the fit is just not right, but if you walk away learning one thing, it will serve you well down the road. The accumulation of such experiences will enhance your confidence and skills over time.

Now, to the opposite end of the table: the job candidates. For all those reading this looking for a position, there is one key piece of advice I have - enjoy the process! If you have a positive attitude, you will prepare yourself correctly and walk in with a demeanor that we will pick up on. We want you to be confident, share your passion, and express your talents. We are there to listen and learn!

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