Intrapraneurship and The Successful Entrepreneur

Lawline Staff | September 26, 2011

Often, we isolate the traits and personality of entrepreneurship solely to those who launch start and run a business on their own. However, I firmly believe that intrapreneurship is the top quality a person can have. A company of intrapraneurs is one in which each employee seeks the creative aspects to grow and expand their responsibilities and their departments within the company through creative thought and extra, but deliberate, effort.

In his book, The Intelligent Entrepreneur, author Bill Murphy Jr. follows three Harvard Business Students in their paths in entrepreneurship. When I began reading, I was unfamiliar with the book completely, and the way in which Murphy ties the three students together and follows them reads more like a novel than anything. Each student was amongst the class of 1998, and the book follows the through to their 10th anniversary. What did they accomplish? You'll have to check it out.

Murphy states are the 10 rules of successful entrepreneurship (and, in my mind, intrapraneurship as well). One that stood out to me is to focus on innovation and scale.

Creativity ties right in with Lawline. How we can grow our roles and departments, make our site more scalable, expand into new industries, and take the what starts as legal education and grow it into a never-ending pursuit of knowledge amongst lawyers and professionals amongst a number of markets that cannot be limited is the thought that continues to drive me.

When you have some time, check out the other nine rules here. You are sure to get something you can apply and that hits home with you.

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