It's About Ability, Not Disability

Ambassador Ann | February 3, 2012

Yesterday morning, Mike S. showed us a story of not obstacles, but determination.

Mike S: "Rohan Murphy is a motivation to everyone around him or to anyone who knows about him. Growing up with no legs, sports was never in his cards but he didn't care. He was determined to prove to himself and everyone else around him that he could be just as good of an athlete as anyone else. In 8th grade a wrestling coach approached him about giving the sport a try. He not only tried it out but was so successful he made it to the NY State tournament by the time he was a Senior. In college he went out for the Penn State wrestling team and not only made it but had a VERY successful collegiate career. Now he is a Motivational speaker trying to help other people with disabilities realize that there is no one standing in their way from doing anything they want to do except for themselves..."

FYI - Mike S. actually meet Rohan in person after his friend lost a match to him. Even though Mike was there to support his friend, Rohan just amazed Mike so much that he had to share his story.

Check out Rohan's Nike Commercial

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