January Spotlight: Todd, Joe, and the D team - DRIVE

Ambassador Ann | February 22, 2012

On the week of the 15th, the development made a commitment to revamp the mobile site. Though it was thought it would take over a week to complete, the combined effort of the entire team enabled it to be done midweek. The highlight of this process was an all-day focus on Wednesday of the week to see the project to its completion. On that day, Joe and Todd switched the Lawline main site to an HTML 5 format, allowing our normal course center to play on the iPad. If you haven’t seen this, take a look… the course center was made for the iPad.

Next, Todd led the charge in assuring all our courses would now flow and function smoothly, which wasbasically an entire re-recoding of the site due to our recent Amazon Server switch.
Last, within one day the team, with the help of Seth, designed a completely new homepage, integrating the key features and the endless universe that we use symbolically within the company.

After only a week and without yet launching our marketing side, the site has already received astounding feedback. Below is an inquiry from a developer who came across the site:

“Hi i am a web developer for 3m and I just wanted to give your mobile developers some good feedback. I see it is made using jquery mobile, I also develop jquery mobile sites and yours is one The best yet, good job!”

This is only a small portion of the accolades and recognition our development team will be embracing in the near future!

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