Keeping Your Head Down

David Schnurman | March 4, 2011

A few days ago I ran with my wife in Prospect Park. There is a point in the park towards the end of the run where you reach a hill that seems to last forever. When we were on the hill my wife (who is the stronger runner) could not keep up with me. She could not figure out what I did differently to run so strong. When she asked after the run, I told her that I kept my head down and stared at the line in the road instead of at the long hill ahead. It occurred to me that I usually stop or slow down on the hill because I see how much further is left and I get psyched out.

So this morning we went for a run again. Once we hit the hill to my surprise she followed my advice and stuck with me the entire time. When we got to the top she said it was a piece of cake. It is amazing how a simple change of thought process can make things so much easier. So bottom line when you have a challenge ahead keep your head down and focus at the task at hand not the huge hill in front of you.

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