Lasting Impressions

Ambassador Ann | April 24, 2012

Last Friday, Brandon began his presentation by discussing a personal story involving purchasing a book on Amazon and dealing with the United States Post Office. In the story, everyone was able to see how two different customer service agencies handled customer service. Even though the end result was the same, the main message was that sometimes the process and the journey are more important than the end result.

The second part of the presentation involved an interactive game. In society, individuals usually judge each other based off of prejudices and stereotypes. Those impressions usually have a long lasting effect on how everyone views one another. The activity was that everyone had 3 minutes to develop a group of 3 to 4 people with something in common, not involving a prejudice or a stereotype. One group included people who enjoy movies while another one was a group of three who believe Pterodactyls are ancestors of a either a bird or a reptile.
(FYI: The answer is a bird.)

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