Lawline 2012 Resolutions

Ambassador Ann | January 9, 2012

Every new year it is tradition that we make personal resolutions to drive ourselves to be better. So last Tuesday morning, Kyle had everyone here make a Lawline-related resolution for the year. We accomplished a lot of things for 2011 but we still have more goals we want to achieve.

So after writing down resolutions, here are what some of us shared:

  • Gamal wants to increase annual sales by 25%.
  • By the middle of the year, Chris will have a tiered CS schedule.
  • In Web Development, Todd is working on having 100% deployment.
  • Trisha is going to do more for the Production Department.

It is very exciting to see how everyone's major goals will be accomplished this year.
However, why wait for just one day? Here are Lawline's core values:

Everyday I am...

  • Actively Learning
  • Seeking Creative Solutions
  • Taking time to Help Others
  • Excuding Optimism
  • Driven to Find a Better Way

So I encourage everyone to strive to make and achieve resolutions for the other 364 days! Take these core values and apply them to your daily life.

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