A Sprint In The Park

Ambassador Ann | June 15, 2012

It is a sore Friday today around the office but it was definitely worth it! Yesterday, Lawline.com were in Central Park to race in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge for a second time. There were 25 of us, mostly first-timers to this event, that participated. We had a strong cheering crowd from our other co-workers too!

Our day consisted of carbing up on pasta, heading to the park to warm up and enjoy a nice picnic. With such a beautiful day, it was nice to relax together after work. Frank lead a stretching class with finesse and then it was game time. We ran, jogged and walked for greatness. Most of the sophomores did better than their last year's time. Jeff bested Micah this year! Afterwards, we stopped by a nearby sushi joint for some rolls and beer while chatting about our experiences on the road.

Next year I feel the freshmen will come out on top....you never know.

Sophomore     Last Year       This Year

  • Jeff R.                  26:30                  26:54
  • Micah                   26:30                  27:04
  • Kyle                     31:52                   28:14
  • Gamal                  31:18                  29:11
  • Dave S.                 32:57                 30:09
  • Frank                   31:52                  32:33
  • Michael S.             48:33                 40:47


  • Andrew 30:54                            Kelli S. 32:54
  • Michael F. 35:11                         Jeff F. 37:23
  • Janet 39:32                                Robert 42:07
  • Christopher 42:10                       Sigalle 46:47
  • Michele 46:51                             Jennifer 46:57
  • Brandon.49:53                           Corey 58:57
  • Stephanie 59:55                         Ann 59:55
  • Melissa 59:56                            Patricia 59:56
  • Julie 1:00:02                              Sean 1:00:08

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