Lawline Faculty Member Defends Head of IMF

Lawline Staff | May 19, 2011

Recently the head of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been charged with Sexual Assault, Forcible Confinement and Attempted Rape. We won’t opine whether he is guilty or not but will make note that the lawyer he choose to lead his legal defense was none other than our very own Benjamin Brafman. CNN recently did a short profile which can be read here. CNN’s legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, is quoted “the single best courtroom attorney I’ve ever seen” in reference to Brafman. While the article gives you a great run down of how great a lawyer Benjamin Brafman is you can see for yourself right here on Lawline. We have four courses taught by Mr. Brafman himself and another featuring him. His most popular course with Lawline is “The Strategic Defense of High Profile Clients”, which after representing the likes of Jay-Z and Michael Jackson he is more than an expert on.

We here at Lawline, wanting to share his expertise with the world are actually giving away the course for free! We hope you enjoy the course.

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