Lawline One of Crain's 2010 Best Places to Work

Lawline Staff | October 22, 2010

Lawline is proud to announce its nomination as one of Crain's 2010 best Places to Work in New York City!

At Lawline we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service.  When someone calls us with a question, comment or concern, we want that customer to get off the phone satisfied and with their question completely answered.  With that said, why not treat our employees as well as we treat our customers?

The goal for hiring anyone at Lawline is to make sure they will add to our positive work environment.  The team comes first in every department, and enjoying sitting next to your coworker you will only bring the best out of an employee.  At Lawline we hire for attitude first, before anything else.

We also believe that self-improvement is an every day process.  Our 1% Challenge was an initiative to encourage employees to improve themselves in some way every single day.  The idea is if you improve yourself 1% every day, it will add up in one year.  Employees can pick out books from our library and then do a report on it in a departmental meeting.  Once an employee does three reports on three books they are given a $25 gift certificate to the store of their choice!

The bottom line is Lawline wants employees to enjoy coming to work, the people they work with, and what they do.  It makes things better for everyone, and why not do it?

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