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Lawline Staff | March 7, 2012


As an employee, what do you want to know about your company? What is it that management keeps from everyone else? What are the secrets they are talking about behind closed doors? What the hell does that revenue statement for Q3 look like?!?!?

These are questions most people have running through their minds randomly. Employees think about it, talk to each other about it, then wonder why there isn't a free Red Bull dispensary in the break room yet.

Transparency is more important now than ever before. Employees HATE having to work and work and work, and never really know what the company, as a whole, is accomplishing.

At Lawline, we have set up a culture which includes honesty, integrity, and transparency. The company is often updated on the new records and milestones Lawline is hitting in terms of revenue by direct managers, CEO and COO. You can sense the camaraderie in the room when topics like this are discussed.

"I'm not afraid to let our company know how well we are doing. In fact, I have seen first hand that if you share this information you will have a company that buys into what you are doing because they see the results of their work," says President, David Schnurman, "Giving our employees more information and a vision as to what we want to become makes all the difference in the world. I could never imagine not sharing our results and our vision with employees."

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