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Lawline Staff | January 30, 2012

History of

Apple started in a garage. Facebook started in a dorm room. started in a kitchen. started in 1999 as one of the first web-based CLE providers. In 2007 David Schnurman hired his first employees to turn into the nation's leading online CLE provider. It started in the kitchen of the current offices.

In 2009 the company had grown to about 12 employees and the organizational structure was set up by David, forming a small customer support team, content development department, and web development team. David's goal was to develop a workplace where employees enjoyed the environment, and a place where David could be creative 24/7. There were many lessons he learned in the beginning, most importantly, that he could not control what other people did or thought. It was up to him to set employees up for success, and allow them to take the lead and flourish using their resources.

The team has now expanded to over 30 employees and continues to grow. The support, content, and web development teams have continued to add members, and has added fully structured sales, retention, marketing, and accreditation teams as well. has also added its Core Values, Morning Huddles, and strict hiring process to the mix to help to continue to shape the company into an enterprise.

In 2011 expanded its continuing education reach to accountants with the addition of It plans to grow as well as add other verticals to its repertoire including financial planners, engineers, and human resource professionals in 2012!

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