May Spotlight: DRIVEN TO BE BETTER-Brandon & Jeff

Ambassador Ann | June 25, 2012

With all the recent developments in boosting up our CPE catalog and making it as successful as we are in CLE, Jeff F. and Brandon have taken on the task of calling CPAs and getting them to come in and teach courses with us.

They both have also been eager to learn all of the ins and outs of CPE with the rules and regulations and programs that we need.  We would not be able to re-launch CPE and make it a huge success if it wasn't for them! Jeff has taken on the CPA market with optimism even though we are pretty much starting from scratch. He's taken a leap of faith and with his great attitude he is destined to succeed. Brandon has jumped in with CPE and figuring out what we need and getting it done. He has also been a great help with questions coming from interns and showing them the Lawline way. Finally, he really stepped up with the 5 program shoot we recently did with the food and coordination

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