MIKE S: July's Winner of the “Driven To Find A Better Way”

Ambassador Ann | August 9, 2012

Mike posed the idea of hosting a breakfast in the lobby as a way to help promote Lawline.com to the entire building at 61 Broadway.  After making the suggestion, he had communicated with all of the necessary people to get it done. He figured out the procedure by crunching numbers and organizing materials for marketing and display.

On the day of the breakfast, he and Julie arrived at 6:45AM to set up and make sure everything was in place. It was an excellent marketing and branding endeavorfor Lawline and made everyone aware of the ed-tech revolution Lawline.com is leading. It was a prideful sight for Lawline and both Julie and Mike gave an excellent representation of Lawline toprospective customers, faculty, and all interested in our programs.

Previous Months' CV Awards - Driven To Find A Better Way

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