October Spotlight: Mike R. - ACTIVELY LEARNING

Ambassador Ann | October 19, 2011

Recently, Lawline announced its scholarship program, in which employees would be reimbursed to a certain amount for learning related activities. In any change or movement, it always takes a leader to get the process started. Mike R. is that leader.

Immediately, Michael has taken advantage of office incentives by taking technical courses like PHP and learning more about AdWords. Type something that has to do with CLE into Google, and you’ll see Lawline there… that’s all Mike’s learning!

In addition the PHP class is an extension of what Mike has already taught himself with HTML. Truly, Mike has become one of the most versatile members of the organization through his never ending quest to learn.

Last, he has even taken it with him on the weekends. Michael not only motivates himself to learn and increase his knowledge and skills but he also motivates others. Currently he is tutoring students on Saturdays in Brooklyn.

Michael is always actively learning 7 days a week and continues to be a learning inspiration.

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