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Ambassador Ann | April 13, 2012

There was a lot of reflection on life during yesterday's morning huddle.

Janet: The video below was a project based on the idea from in which it embraces the different cultures, different views, different experiences and thoughts of fifty people in one place in one day in one city. The reason I chose this video is not to focus on things that we may or may not regret but to bring to the forefront the idea that if we were to take a little time out of our lives, be it daily, annually or in blocks of years, it is in my true opinion something truly necessary to each of us. Necessary not just on a professional basis but more importantly on a personal basis.

Taking the time to look back on your achievements and really think about your position in the present, through being true to yourself, you will hopefully lead a life with as little regrets as possible, if any.’s 5 core values are something that we embrace every single day in work but I also believe that they work deeper to a personal level.

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